At UW-Madison, I was a TA for Astronomy 103 “The Evolving Universe: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology” in spring 2023. This was an introductory course for non-majors.


I have taught numerous classes for high school (and occasionally middle school) students as a volunteer teacher for MIT’s student-run Educational Studies Program. You can find a complete list of my class catalogs on my teacher’s bio page.

A list of distinct classes I taught includes

  • Exoplanet discovery methods. (2014–2019)
  • Introduction to quaternions. (2015–2019)
  • Science as a social practice. (2019)


I was a TA for Summer Science Program’s Astrophysics Program in 2020, where I was also a student participant in 2013.

Because SSP was being held online for the first time ever, the 2020 TAs had to bear significantly higher teaching duties compared to past years. Some generic math and physics materials I personally prepared include